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When it comes to my Network & Connections within the industry, as well as my experiences to do with the industry, I am a tad fresh within the aforementioned itself, though I am all the more eager to get myself out there and land the position that I desire, that being a programmer. 



I did attend BlueGFX Expo back in November 9th in 2017, wherein I had the opportunity to meet some members of a large selection of companies that are significant to my industry, such as: Adobe, AMD, Wacom and REWIND. I got a handy insight also into the future products & developments that these companies had to offer, including some of the best selection of Wacom tablets, which I did find rather appealing.

There, I also attended talks about Rendering Tips to do with Maya, which come in handy for my modelling skills; attended a showcase from Rockstar Films about what they create & do within the industry and a presentation on REWIND’s latest work in VR and what they aim to achieve. The VR presentation and Rockstar Films presentation stuck out to me the most due to the fact that I am drawn in by how creative these mediums are. I’d like to look into VR more in the future and see if I can get into contact with someone at REWIND at a future event.



I have also put myself onto LinkedIn to get into contact with other programmers of the games design industry, and through numerous invites, I hope to gain a large amount of connections and contacts within the next few months. This, alongside my plans to attend the events mentioned formerly, I believe I will have a large selection of contacts that I can talk to about the industry itself.

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