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From February 2022 to January 2024, I was under the employment of Ziax Ltd as a Game Developer. My job was to work within Crayta & the Unity Engine to develop high quality games under the Ziax name. 

We released two games on the Crayata game and its own engine: Crayload & Cray-Zee Golf, the former being a third-person shooter that centred around pushing a payload to the end, and the latter being a minigolf game. We also developed an Untitled Unity Multiplayer Game, which I had a hand in developing various mechanics for it.

Crayload (Crayta, 2022)

Cray-Ze Golf (Crayta, 2022)

The Untitled Multiplayer Game for Ziax, showcasing the various mechanics I developed for it, including an item shop, a healing system, resource generators and a build system (partially unstable due to a recent upgrade to a new version) (Unity Engine, 2022)



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