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Princess Caroline House.PNG
Princess Caroline House 2.PNG

THE Princess Caroline House (Maya & Substance Painter)


WRAITH (Maya & Mudbox)


Above you can see my work on the "Princess Caroline House"; a building that has existed since the Georgian Era that has been recreated to look like it is within a World War 2 theme. This was for a large project amongst my peers as we were recreating multiple buildings within Southend High Street within a World War 2 Setting.


In order to create this model, I used Maya to create the building, as well as unwrap the model of the building. I also used Substance Painter, and Photoshop, to create the textures and logos seen in the photos above. I am rather pleased with how the building turned out, but I feel as if more work can be done to give the building a more gritty, rugged feel.

Above this text, you can also see my work on a character known as 'Wraith'; a bio-engineered creature that was a part of my game ideas cast. The game was called "After The World", in which it involved the world being ended by a global nuclear war, which soon followed with a sudden infestation of strange, mutant-like creatures that attacked what remained of humanity. Wraith was the protagonist for this game as he went on a journey of self discovery within the world, finding out who, and what he truly is.

In order to create Wraith, I used Maya to create the body of the character and then I used Mudbox to help sculpt out Wraith's shape. I am pleased with how Wraith turned out and I aim to texture him in the foreseeable future, as well as continue work on him to hone my craft. 


What you can see above are two World War 2 Era posters that I created for the large World War 2 project that was previously stated above. Alongside them both, you can also see a logo I came up with for the project known as 'Honour Harbour'. Our group was tasked with creating a logo for the project and I had to use my artsy skills (albeit limited artsy skills) to create a logo for the project; you can see the example images I used to create the logo, which is essentially meant to be a medal of honour. 

To create all the above, I used Photoshop in order to develop each of them. I am rather pleased with how the posters turned out and, even though I'm not the best artist, I am happy on how my logo turned out. 

Chosen Logo Design Base.png

Turbulence (C#, Photoshop & Unity)

A project that I had made during my time as a University Student, Turbulence is a 2D top-down fighting game, revolving around the idea of spinning tops battling it out until only one remained. 

I used the Unity Engine to create this game and it's features, such as: a LAN player system; accurate mobility of the tops' physics; multiple arenas built within Photoshop by hand and much more!

You can see my progress and download the game yourself within the FMP Blog!

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now

In this video above, I demonstrate within Roblox Studio a damage system for my robot combat projects on the online game, Roblox. This video shows a psuedo-HP system that utilises collisions, weapon velocity, particle effects and textures to create an accurate damage system. More videos of this system will be uploaded shortly to demonstrate more aspects of the system.

Robot combat damage & weapon systems (Lua)

logo designs (photoshop)

Utilising Photoshop, I have designed a few logos over the years for my own personal use in competitions and projects. You can look through the gallery above to browse the logos that I have designed (especially the Toyo-Tech one, I am quite proud of that!)

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